Midterm Exam

  1. A camera is essentially a small box with a hole that allows light in to capture a particular image on a mirror.
  2. Manual is essentially moving the settings yourself instead of automatically changing. The aperture consists of the ISO and aperture, which controls the shutter speed. The shutter is essentially the same as aperture, but controls the aperture rather than shutter speed (opposite).
  3. Leading lines, depth of field, rule of thirds, patterns, point of view, contrasting and harmonious colours, spot colour, balance, texture, framing, silhouette, and negative space.
  4. Aperture, shutter speed, and ISO.
  5. Crop tool, spot removal, red eye, gradient filter, radial filter, and brush tool.
  6. The histogram essentially shows the shadows and highlights of the current photo as well as the amount of contrast.
  7. There is an option to rename the file on the right hand side of the importing photos page.
  8. Street photography shows the general “street” life. These are taken in public places.
  9. Establishing shot, medium shot, close up shot, and extreme close up shot.
  10. Artificial light is light that can be manipulated, while natural light is provided by nature, thus cannot be manipulated and is out of one’s control.

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