This photo was taken at home since I was too scared to go out since it was really late at night. It is a photo of those dry purple flowers that grow everywhere and I thought they looked very pretty.
This was also taken at home. It is a photo of a really dusty fan and I thought the lines and colour of the fan were cool.
This is the dish washer, which is really not very interesting, but I liked how the flash made it look.
This is just a shadow that cast on the wall in front of the front door. It is a bit blurry since I could not really see, but I think it came out okay.
This is a tree in my front yard! I wanted to try taking this one with the help of a light meter app, which gave me an ISO of 3200. The photo looks pretty grainy, but I was surprised as to how bright the photo came out.

I think I found this assignment very challenging since I could not really go out. I wanted to be creative and go out and take photos of ambient street lights and what not, but I was really held back, which is really my fault. I feel that I could have done better, but things happen.

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