I took these photos on Monday, the day we took these photos for practice. I honestly did not have much time after that day, since I had to go to work almost everyday since so many people had quit. I had no choice but to post these very mediocre photos, so I apologize for that.

I took these photos in such a way to depict my one day where I did nothing, which was Monday, March 23, 2020. I had just gotten sick from work that week, hence the bed and medicine. I stayed in bed all day because I felt horrible and very down, so I tried to edit the photos a darker way.

Side note: I still tried to incorporate my clean rituals, which explains the cleansing foam. I may have been depressed and sick, but I still want to keep myself somewhat put together. That is also another reason why I could not show my entire bed. It was a complete mess and I felt too embarrassed to show it.

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