“Letters to a Young Artist” & TED

The letter that really stuck to me was very succinct. It was from John Baldessari, who talked about being a photographer during his younger days, but later choosing to give that life up and “participate” in having two children and being a teacher. He said that if one is not willing to be a serious artist and not willing to deal with the consequences of being an artist, then do not walk that path.

A lot of the letters were about having to be passionate about art rather than doing it for the money. Art is one of the most difficult professions to earn money, so one cannot possible go into it to get cash. People go into art because they have such a strong love and talent for it. If their love for art transcends their need for money, then they can proceed to go on. Art is always to go out of your way to do what you love. I never thought of it that way, but after seeing multiple videos of many different artists, they do not have life as easy as the movies show. Mental health and life needs get in the way of their inspiration.

The TED video was about encouraging children to grow their imagination rather than suppressing them. Art comes from a vast imagination; a creative mind. Parents should not discourage their kids to be less creative, but allow them to be as creative as they want. Creativity has no limit.

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