Class Evaluation

I thought this class was a high quality class. It was mostly open ended as in there were no boundaries as to what we had to shoot. Yes, there were themes we had to follow, but even so, we were still able to choose whatever we wanted to fit that theme. Although I did find it hard to take photos because of the situation, I did try to find things around me that could help. I had given up on a lot, but you, Professor diBenedetto, always had kind things to say and always encouraged us to strive for better and assured us that it was okay to give up sometimes.

The lessons we had were also very good. I had fun doing them and some were even new experiences for me and probably for a lot of other people as well. I personally am definitely not an artistic person in anyway so these assignments were very beginner level and easy to follow. I felt embarrassed at times to share photos, but I think that is what pushed me to try harder. I did not want to share low quality products so I made sure to try my best. The comments and critiques also helped a lot. People pointed out things that you would never notice. One of the things I learned in this class is that it is always good to have a different perspective in everything.

Thank you for this amazing class and sparking my interest in photography again. I know I do not have the best skills, but I hope to get better over time as I continue to take photos as a hobby.

Thank You!

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