2 Likes and a Dislike

The two projects I enjoyed the most were the Walnut Park assignment and the portrait lighting assignment.

Walnut Park was fun because I was able to take my friend with me and I felt a lot more comfortable as well as being outdoors in that area was a new experience for me. I’ve always wanted to photograph in a like that, especially during a gloomy day and I think I can say that I achieve half of that wish.

The portrait lighting was also a fun, but frustrating assignment. It was very hard to find lighting that could portray each different kinds since some needed to have a bit of a harsher lighting than other, but it was still fun.

The one assignment I did not like was the night photography only because I feel regretful that I did not go out and explore more. I would have done a much better job in many different aspects, but I was holding myself back, which was a shame.

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